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The genealogy research calls

the oldestknown forefather;

Johann Heinrich Christoph, Fromme.

* 24 Apr. 1758 Hollenstädt. Deutschland.

† 11 Aug.1827 Salzderhelden, Deutschland

 He married:


Die Grabsteine

Das alte wappen

Johanna Katharina Louise, Halbfass.

* 23 Dec. 1768 Strodthagen, Deutschland.

† 14 Mai. 1849 Salzderhelden, Deutschland.


Johann H.C. Fromme died as pensioned invalid

 in the age of 69 years.


in the town Salzderhelden, Germany.

The books of the churches before 1789 are burned.

The research has ended now for this moment,

I call for help of others how can help me.

In Enschede, the Netherlands, there are old familyarms

 on the gravestones of;

Georg, Karl, Wilhelm, Fromme1860-1920


Marie, Emilie, Karoline, Fromme- Wichmann 1863-1934

Heinz Reize designs a new family-arm in 1953.


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